A Rooper Guide: The Joey vs Joey²

If you want to skip all the explanations below, head down to the end for our tl;dr (too long; didn't read) section. 

Our OG Joey has been near and dear to the hearts of parents and kids, but we knew we'd change up the play couch game when we released the Joey². 

And the real deal question came through: what's the difference between the Joey² and the Joey ... or any play couch for that matter? 

The Joey² differs in three big ways: 

  1. Density aka Durability
  2. Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) aka Firmness
  3. Made in Canada aka 🍁

Density aka Durability

A lot of people think density is how firm foam is, but, funny enough, it's actually its durability! Density is measured in pounds per cubic foot (PCF or lb/ft³). If you're ever buying foam—whether it's a mattress or play couch—this is the number you care about the most. 

Why? Check out this handy little graph below. 

Do We Always Need High Density Foam In Our Memory Foam Mattress?

Foam below 1.5lb/ft³ should not be compressed at all or minimally compressed, as this will shorten its lifespan. This is why low-density foam products have very short or no warranties, but high-density foam (like your mattress, which is usually 1.8lb/ft³) always comes with a warranty! 

This is why the Joey² is all 1.8lb/ft³! Not only that, but the foam in the Joey² is the exact same one used by some of Canada's top mattress companies. 

The downside to high-density foam is that it is definitely heavier, so more density isn't always better, especially for play couches where littles may have problems moving the couch. In the end, we knew we'd rather have your little grow up with their Joey² and have it for most of their childhood, so high-density was important! 

ILD aka Firmness

The firmness of your play couch is calculated in pounds of pressure! Whoa. If you ever see a number like our Joey with 45ILD, it just means it takes 45lbs of pressure to make the foam go down 25%. 

We knew folks will be using play couches for different purposes, which is why our OG Joey comes in different ILDs. With the Joey², we wanted something that was the same ILD all over, more geared towards building and adults taking naps. That's why our Joey² is 50ILD all over! 

Made in Canada but Affordable

One of the biggest asks we had early on was providing a Made in Canada Joey. The tough part is that most Canadian manufacturers are geared to making mattresses, which is a lot different than making play couches and a lot more costly. After a long search, we were able to find the right partner for us to make foam that's 100% made in Canada. 

Even though our foam, box, tags, and more are made in Canada, our fabric is still cut and sewn in China. Why? This is because almost all fabric is milled overseas, and we wanted to ensure that our play couches were still priced to be accessible for families. Supporting Canadian made shouldn't also cost a lot! 


In the end, there's three main differences between our Joey and Joey²: 

  1. It's more dense, so the entire Joey is more durable!
  2. It's more firm, so it's better for building though it can be less comfortable for lounging!
  3. It's made in Canada!