When we first launched our play couches, we never expected the demand for The Joey and its add-ons to be so huge. With that came a lot of questions about how our pre-orders works, why we do them, and more.

Take a look below for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

How do pre-orders work?

Once a month, we open up pre-orders for The Joey play couch and its add-ons. On this day, we have a set amount of couches and add-ons available for sale. That number can fluctuate based on demand, e.g., how many people are visiting our website or how long our email list is. If more people want to buy play couches, we will sell more!

Note: in the past, we locked the site down for early access users, but this created a number of technical difficulties. To prevent issues, we will no longer be offering early access.

Is there anything I can do to make sure I get a couch? 

Definitely! Here are some tips to help make your checkout process quicker while ensuring you get what you need.

Anytime before pre-order:

    • Browse Joey and add-ons to pick the colour(s) you will buy on pre-order day. Make sure you really love it, as we do not allow colour cancellations. (More on that below.)¬†
      • You can see the colours in a more natural setting and different lighting by joining our Facebook group HERE. Our media album is full of different pictures!
    • Create a¬†Roo & You account! Creating an account (CLICK HERE) will help you checkout faster on pre-order day. Please make sure you also put in your address information once you login into your account, as this will ensure the right address is there when you check out. After it's all said and done, you'll get an email like below:
    • Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list (CLICK HERE)! We'll send you reminders, special offers, updates, and more.
    • If you're going to use Sezzle as a payment plan, make sure you already have a Sezzle account and have signed up.

    Day of pre-order:

    • Approx. 60 minutes before the pre-order launch, the site will be locked down to prepare the site, confirm inventory, and test for potential technical issues.¬†
    • Every pre-order will launch to the public at 3PM ET (Eastern Time) on a predetermined day. We find we generally sell out within the first couple of hours, so we recommend you're on the site at launch time.¬†
    • Don't rush! We're constantly increasing the number of couches available, so take your time and make sure you order exactly what you want.¬†

      Are items held in my cart?

      Items will not be held in your cart, so if the product sells out while it's in your cart, it's unfortunately gone.

      We originally tested cart holding but ran into several technical issues. We're investigating a better solution at the moment, but it is not ready at this time.

      Can I cancel my order at any time?


      Please email us at support@rooandyou.ca with your order number.  Any orders cancelled will be subject to a 2.5% restocking fee. Please note that orders that have been fulfilled or delivered cannot be cancelled or returned barring extenuating circumstances. 

      Can I change the colour of my order?

      We have a limited quantity of each colour in every pre-order. Once we are sold out, you will have to wait until our next pre-order. Please take your time when picking your colours! 

      Join our Facebook VIP group (CLICK HERE) as there are more and more of our colours being posted! 

      How do colours work? Do you keep them forever?

      No, we do not keep all of our colours forever, but that also doesn't mean they're gone forever either! We have "core" colours, which will exist until the end of time. Those are:

      • Grey
      • Sage
      • Navy
      • Teal

      In addition to these, every pre-order will have a few limited-edition colours (selected by our community) that will last a maximum of four (4) months** at a time. We announce these colours in our Facebook VIP ground and on Instagram in advance of pre-order days! 

        *Colours are not retired, as we may bring them back for special events / occasions. 

        **Please note that limited-edition colours may be removed at any time and are not guaranteed to remain for four (4) months. 

        How can I find information about the next pre-order?

        You can find information about all upcoming pre-orders through the following channels:

        Once we have information about our pre-orders, we release the information on all three of these channels! However, we highly recommend joining our Facebook VIP group as we have a wonderful, active community. 

        Is there a purchase limit?

        As of March 30th, 2021, we have removed our two (2) product limit, so it means you can buy as much as you want now!

        How long until I get my couch? Is my delivery date guaranteed?

        All pre-orders come with an estimated labelling date. Remember: this is an estimate that means when your package is labelled! By buying our couch, you acknowledge and accept that delays may happen. 

        We do our best to provide an estimate, but we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date, as there are multiple variables. 

        Can COVID cause delays?

        Yes. Because of the pandemic and the increase in online shopping, retailers from all over the world are trying to get their goods exported from China. This means that there aren't always enough shipping vessels to meet shipping needs.

        Additionally, health policies established by each country we work with can impact various parts of our manufacturing and shipping process.

        Why can't you ship by air? Isn't that faster?

        Yes, air is so, so much faster, and it really hurts that it's so dang expensive. 

        Shipping 50 - 60 couches by air costs almost as much as shipping over 3,000 couches by sea! That would mean you would have to pay almost 40% more for the same couch! Yikes. 

        Why can't you leave pre-orders open indefinitely?

        The simplest answer is that it allows us to control as much of the manufacturing and delivery process as we can!

        All of our couches and accessories are shipped in big, honking containers. Containers can only fit so many couches and accessories. We only ship containers that are full, and only do one shipment at a time. 

        To bring our couches from our manufacturer in China over to Canada, we have to book a ship / vessel. The demand for these ships, because of COVID, is very high! That means we need to sometimes book these almost a month in advance! In order to do so, we have to know exactly how many containers will be on the ship, so we decide that number before the pre-order.

        This process helps us keep the Joey affordable and allows us to give you the best estimated arrival time possible.

        Does this mean we will never leave pre-orders open indefinitely? Nope. We are continuously working to optimize our processes, and this is the best solution we have right now. 

        Can I change my address?

        Yes, you definitely can, but we require proof of address, either current or future, before we can adjust your order. This is to protect you and your purchase, as we know email addresses can be compromised and we don't want to risk unauthorized changes to delivery addresses. 

        Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

        We currently do not. Only Canada Post currently ships to PO Box, and we no longer ship with them due to the issues they've had in recent months. 

        Do you ship to APO?

        We sure do! Military families deserve to  have access to play couches, especially at an affordable rate. (See costs below.) This is why we cover a portion of the delivery cost so that you do not have to pay it all yourselves.

        Is shipping actually free?

        Only within Canada. If you're ordering from the US, our rates are in this handy little picture below. Please note that the US has a de minimis value of $800 USD, and orders over this value will be charged an importing fee. 

        If you're ordering from outside of North America, please email us at support@rooandyou.ca, as shipping will vary by country. Before emailing us, please know that shipping costs start at¬†‚ā¨130 to Europe and the UK.¬†¬†