Who We Are - Old

We're a woman-founded, family-owned small business made awesome by parents like you 

Being a parent really changes your life, because, well, you get to be a kid again! Sometimes that comes at the expense of our adult sensibilities, grown-up relationships, and hard-earned dollars. As parents, we know what that can feel like. Not everything needs to be dinosaurs 🦕 and spaceships🚀! 

Founded in 2017 as Chew Chew Baby Roo, Roo & You is a community-driven business dedicated to creating fun, design-forward products that are a lot less about being expensive and a lot more about having fun. 

"But who are you?!" 🕵️

Helen Smith, Founder, Mom, Designer and CEO
Matt Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Helen is the mom and founder behind Roo & You, and her other half is Matt. Her mini mes are Kai and Finn, the reason Roo & You even exists.

Helen's story is one a lot of moms can relate to: after being pregnant with her first child (Kai Kai!), she found it hard to be apart from baby but still wanted to do something that was just for her. Kai had just started teething around this time and she had a hard time finding modern, minimalist baby accessories, something to match her style while being baby-friendly and affordable, too. That's when she created Chew Chew Baby Roo: affordable silicone teething products that provided modern accessories for the whole family! 

That was February 2017. Since then, Chew Chew Baby Roo has rebranded and evolved its product line while teaming up with Matt and her baby brother, Rozin, to design and make products that aren't only functional but also modern and chic that you will be excited to have your family use. Who says you can't have both style and function? 


Fun Facts About Helen

Education: Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology, Specialization in Children & Family
Past Job: Child & Youth Counsellor
Favourite Shade: Black
Favourite Food: Steak & Mashed Potatoes
Favourite Emoji: 🙈 😍
Favourite Cartoon: Rugrats

Fun Facts About Matt

Education: Honours Specialization in Psychology, Minor in Criminology
Past Job: Transportation Manager for Choo Choo Trains
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Food: Biryani
Favourite Emoji: 🤣
Favourite Cartoon: Archer

Rozin Abbas, Co-Owner, Master Chef, and Chief Revenue Officer

Rozin is a newly-crowned, first-time dad to Nolan (aka The Only Nolie), a baby boy that is awesome because of his incredibly talented wife, Steph. Rozin vowed to never grow older than 12 years old, so he's still a kid at heart. He never imagined leaving the cutthroat, tech startup world to become an entrepreneur, but the journey in helping create and build Roo & You has been incredibly special. The Roo & You community and his family are what keep him motivated. 

Fun Facts About Rozin

Random Fact: Was on Masterchef Canada and finished 6th place
Education: Honours Specialization in English, Minor in Philosophy
Past Job: VP of Marketing
Favourite Colour: Robin Egg Blue
Favourite Food: All of the food. Eating is my favourite pastime. 
Favourite Emoji: 🤔
Favourite Cartoon: Spongebob SquarePants