The Sleepout® Curtain

The portable 100% blackout curtain that installs anywhere in seconds.


Sleepout® Pads

The Sleepout Curtain’s best friend, the Sleepout Pads give you the power to block all light bleeds around windows. The easy-to-use pads have a proprietary new dry adhesion technology that is reusable up to 10 times on any surface without damaging it or leaving any residue. Each pack comes with 8 Sleepout Pads.

How it works

Step 1

Lock on the suction cups

Sleepout's industrial-strength suction cups lock directly onto glass and stay up until you take them down. You can install them at any width, use extras for bay windows, and they will stand the test of time.

Step 2

Press the curtain to the cups

Press the fastener strip along the curtain to the suction cups at the perfect width for your window. The Sleepout Curtain fits under regular blinds or curtains, or on its own! Easiest install ever!

Step 3

Adjust and it's up

Adjust the curtain to stop light from coming in the gaps! Pick up a pack of proprietary, re-usable Sleepout Pads to block out light bleeds! They stick to all surfaces (including wood, painted drywall, and even fabric!) and won't damage windows or walls.

Stop early wake ups

If you or your child are waking up too early in the morning, the first thing to check is how dark the room is. Studies show even a little bit of light while sleeping can completely disrupt sleep cycles. The Sleepout Curtain is made with 100% blackout fabric so you can sleep in wherever and whenever you want.

Built to last

The Sleepout Curtain is made with the highest quality Greenguard® and OEKO-TEX® certified blackout fabric that is machine washable and will stand the test of time. The curtain is fully portable for home or for travel. We built the Sleepout Curtain to give you your best night’s rest for years to come.

Thermal insulating

The Sleepout Curtain’s fabric has the benefit of being thermal insulating. In the winter, reduce your heating cost and keep out the cold by having the Sleepout Curtain on your windows. On hot summer days, Sleepout’s white flocking backing will soak up the heat, letting you sleep in the proper cool, dark environment. 

The Sleepout Story

Meet Mark and Hannah

In 2020, we left our jobs in high-growth tech startups to invent the best portable blackout curtain in the world. I (Mark) have suffered from insomnia and light sensitivity for almost my entire life. This meant unfortunately I needed to have every room I slept in pitch black. We decided to design and patent the first-ever portable blackout curtain that was guaranteed 100% blackout and OEKO-Tex certified free of harmful substances. We raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter and realized that parents, night shift workers, and other insomniacs like me would become obsessed with their Sleepout Curtains! 

We had no idea that one day we would create a product from some pretty awful sleepless nights. We still sleep with our original prototypes to this day, and we travel with them too ☺. As two people who have gone through sleep issues, function and quality are always our highest priority. Every Sleepout Curtain will be made with 100% blackout fabric certified to be free from harmful chemicals and with materials that will stand the test of time.

- Mark & Hannah

The Science behind Sleepout

Darkness helps release melatonin: Melatonin signals that it’s time for sleep. Light at night blocks melatonin production by 56%, which is why blackout curtains are so important for children and adults.

Studies have shown:
• better performance • help with weight loss • reduced depression • slowed down aging • increased happiness •

How is the Sleepout Curtain different?

The Sleepout Curtain®

Highest Quality, Even Better Performance

Greenguard and OEKO-TEX certified 100% blackout fabric used by some of the largest hotel chains. Stylish 3 pass coated fabric with low environmental impact.

30-Second Install, Holds Strong

Patented design that can darken a room in seconds vertically or horizontally. Industrial strength suction cups that will not fall down. Completely portable for home or travel.

Blocks Light Bleeds Easily

Sleepout Pads use proprietary adhesive technology that block light bleeds on all surfaces without damaging them. Reusable and residue free.

DIY Options

“Everything is Everywhere”

Blankets, tin foil, jeans, and cardboard. We’ve all used these in desperate situations. Difficult to stay up and light bleeds all over the place.

Tape, etc.

Duct tape, painter's tape, and thumb tacks often fall down and are not dependable for a good night’s sleep. Can take a lot of time (and frustration) to install.

Mileage May Vary

Difficult to block light bleeds with DIY solutions. Duct tape and thumb tacks often damage window surfaces and peel paint off.

Regular Blackout Curtains

Performance Varies

Quality varies significantly, most fabric that says “blackout” is actually 80-95% blackout. 100% blackout options are extremely expensive.


Full install curtain rods are dependable but need tools and a lot of time to install. Renters might not be allowed to install without permission.

Intended Light Bleeds

Typical curtain rods create light bleeds on the top and sides. Customers often resort to DIY solutions like tacks, cardboard or tape to block these intended light bleeds.

Will Sleepout fit my window?

We've got you covered!

The Sleepout Curtain is designed to fit the most common bedroom window sizes in North America. Each curtain is 54” x 78” (about 4.x5 x 6.5 feet). They can be installed horizontally or vertically, and are modular so they can adjust to fit differently shaped windows. We recommendtwo Sleepout Curtains for most bedrooms (most rooms have more than one window). Two Sleepout Curtains can be combined together on suction cups for bigger windows as well!