The Hop House (Factory Seconds)
The Hop House (Factory Seconds)
The Hop House (Factory Seconds)
The Hop House (Factory Seconds)

The Hop House (Factory Seconds)

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*Note: these have been labeled factory seconds due to the label being put in the incorrect location. This product is identical to our regular Hop House (with Slide) in form and function.  

Introducing The Hop House (with Slide): the ultimate outdoor / indoor gift for your kids. The Hop House can be used with or without water and comes with a slide, netted bouncy area, rock climbing wall, and a large wading area. 

Now your kids can hop like a kangaroo, slide like a penguin, swim like a turtle, and more! 

You can find the Hop House instruction manual by CLICKING HERE.

The Hop House (with Slide) comes with the following pieces:

  • The Hop House - One (1) inflatable, indoor/outdoor bouncy castle made of Oxford material, built with a wading area, netted bouncy area, rock climbing wall, and slide. 
  • Blower - One (1) blower to keep your Hop House inflated at all times! 
  • Stakes - Four (4) stakes to pin your Hop House and make sure it doesn't fly away. Woot! 
  • Water Tube  - One (1) water tube that connects to your Hop House and creates a water slide, filling the wading area and turning it into a mini pool. 
  • Storage Bag - One (1) storage bag to store your blower and stakes!
  • Patch Kit 

Please make sure to read the Hop House Instruction Manual (CLICK HERE) before proceeding with setup. 

All Hop Houses come with a limited, six-month warranty for the blower only.

The Hop House (with Slide) measures 9.2' x 10.5' x 6.8' (L x W x H). 

Maximum Number of Children: 5
Total Weight Limit: 400lbs
Individual Weight Limits: 80lbs
Maximum Height of Individual: 6'
Recommended Ages: 3 - 8

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