Introducing our Icebergs with Adventurer fabric: the most durable, versatile fabric EVER! Made with waterproof Taslan and water-resistant YKK Vislon zippers, our adventurer fabric allows your icebergs to become a world traveler, going to the great outdoors and beyond. Use them year round, whether it is outside during the summer or indoors during the winter for everyday play. 

Say goodbye to extra waterproof covers 🙅 and say hello 👋 to the most versatile iceberg covers. 

*This cover set is not waterproof. Waterproof covers require special sewing and zippers to prevent water leaks. While this cover is water resistant, it is not waterproof. 

Why Taslan fabric? 

  1. Waterproof: 100% waterproof, Taslan hates water like your kids hate broccoli. 
  2. Stain Resistant: Repels oil and other stain-causing substances, making your covers easy to clean. 
  3. Moisture Wicking: Materials like Vinyl can make your kids sweaty and sticky. Taslan is quick drying and also keeps you and your kids cool!