Rooniversity (FAQs)

A pre-order means we don’t have the products in stock, but available for you to order to be made specifically for you! When you place an order in a pre-order, you will be charged at the time you order. Once we fill all our shipping containers, the pre-order will close, we send the list to our manufacturers and they get to work!

Drops happen when we have stock in hand, ready to ship! They are very limited and sell out quickly. They generally ship within 3-5 weeks of ordering.

Pre-orders are for stock that still needs to be manufactured. They are much more relaxed and allow you to get exactly what you want. They generally ship within 3-4 months of ordering.

Pre-orders take 3-4 months to ship because they are made specifically for you! When you order, we don’t have the items in stock, so we send it over to our manufacturer, they create it just for you, ship it to us, then we ship it out to you!

Yes of course you can!

Please email us at with your order number.  Any orders cancelled will be subject to a 2.5% restocking fee. Please note that orders that have been fulfilled or delivered cannot be cancelled or returned due to the intimate nature of foam.

We can change orders up until we close the pre-order and send the order to our manufacturer. Once manufacturing starts, we can’t change colours/quantity/items. We can remove/refund/cancel items, but we can’t add to orders.

Please email with your order number to make any adjustments!

The simplest answer is that it allows us to control as much of the manufacturing and delivery process as we can!

All of our couches and accessories are shipped in big, honking containers. Containers can only fit so many couches and accessories. We only ship containers that are full, and only do one shipment at a time.

To bring our couches from our manufacturer in China over to Canada, we have to book a ship / vessel. The demand for these ships is very high! That means we need to sometimes book these almost a month in advance! In order to do so, we have to know exactly how many containers will be on the ship, so we decide that number before the pre-order.

This process helps us keep the Joey affordable and allows us to give you the best estimated arrival time possible.

Does this mean we will never leave pre-orders open indefinitely or have stock available immediately? Nope. We are continuously working to optimise our processes, and this is the best solution we have right now.

Here are some tried and true tips that can help make your order experience a little smoother:

Anytime before a pre-order or drop

  • Browse Joey and add-ons to pick the colour(s) you will buy on pre-order/drop day. You can see the colours in a more natural setting and different lighting by joining our Facebook group HERE. Our media album is full of different pictures!

  • Create a Roo & You account! Creating an account (CLICK HERE) will help you checkout faster on pre-order day. Please make sure you also put in your address information once you login into your account, as this will ensure the right address is there when you check out. 

  •  Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list (CLICK HERE)! We'll send you reminders, special offers, updates, and more.

  • If you're going to use Sezzle as a payment plan, make sure you already have a Sezzle account and have signed up.

  • Download the Shop app. You can enter all your shipping and payment information in for a much faster check out!

Day of the pre-order/drop

  • Approximately 2 hours before the pre-order or drop launch, the site will be locked down to prepare for orders, confirm inventory, and test for potential technical issues. 

  • Pre-orders stay open until we sell enough inventory to fill our containers, so DO NOT RUSH!!!! Take your time, make sure you pick the colours and products that you want. These items are not currently made yet, so you won’t risk losing your cart the first day of the pre-order!

  • Drops can happen quickly. Popular items and colours can sell out fast. Items in your cart are not held (more on that below). Drops are when we have stock ready to ship and we cannot change colours, adjust numbers or add items to orders.

No, we do not keep all of our colours forever, but that also doesn't mean they're gone forever either! We have "core" colours, which will exist until the end of time. Those are:

  • Grey

  • Sage

  • Navy

  • Teal

  • Pampas

In addition to these, we will have a few limited-edition colours. We announce these colours in our Facebook VIP ground and on Instagram in advance of pre-order and drop days! 

*Colours are not retired, as we may bring them back for special events / occasions. 

**Please note that limited-edition colours may be removed at any time.

All pre-orders/drops come with an estimated labelling date. Remember: this is an estimate that means when your package is labelled! By buying our couch, you acknowledge and accept that delays may happen. 

We do our best to provide an estimate, but we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date, as there are multiple variables that can affect delivery!

You can find information about all upcoming pre-orders through the following channels:

Once we have information about our pre-orders, we release the information on all three of these channels! However, we highly recommend joining our Facebook VIP group as we have a wonderful, active community.

Items will not be held in your cart, so if the product sells out while its in your cart, it's unfortunately gone. 

Due to the limited amount of inventory available in a given drop, this helps us prevent overselling and give everyone a fair shot at buying the items they want.

There are a lot of things at play that would affect this such as who your carrier is (e.g., Fedex, UPS, etc), where you live, whether the item was shipped earlier in the week or on Friday, etc. Once the carrier has picked up and scanned your package, they will provide you with a date of when you'll receive your Joey products.

This is the date we expect to begin labelling packages and scheduled for pickups by carriers. This is not the date we expect the packages to be at your door. It is difficult to nail down what date you will receive your package, as this is an estimation provided by the carrier. As such, we only provide a date range for when we will begin labelling packages and give an estimated timeline of when we expect to fulfill all packages.

This is perfectly normal.

The most important thing to know is that we're fulfilling orders in bulk. This changes things compared to everyday shipping we are all used to. 

After packages are labelled (this is when you get your shipping notification!), we end up putting them on pallets since carriers come and pick up dozens and dozens at once. They can only take so many packages per day, so sometimes it can take a few days before they pick up and process everything.

Since our packages are "palletized," this means they cannot scan each individual package when they come to pick it up. Once a carrier has picked up several packages, they will process it all at their facility, updating your tracking code with additional information like your estimated date of delivery. That means there can be quite some time between when you receive your label vs. when it gets updated for delivery.

How long this can take depends on the volume a carrier is experiencing, if your order was fulfilled on a Friday / Monday or weekend, whether your package was picked up at our warehouse on a Thursday or Friday (since they aren't usually processed on weekends), and more. Because of the volume of orders, sometimes a backlog is created.

Once the carrier has your package, they'll work as quickly as they can to scan your product so some information is there. 

No problem! We can change a shipping address anytime up until you receive the tracking number!

We require proof of address before we can adjust your order. This is to protect you and your purchase, as we know email addresses can be compromised and don't want to risk unauthorized changes to delivery addresses. We accept ID, utility bills, lease or mortgage agreements, or anything with your name and new address as proof you are you! 

Note: your new address must be present on the proof, please!

We do not. Please ensure that you have not used a PO box, as we will not be responsible for issues and delays that you may face. If you need to change your address, please email us at!

We sure do! Military families deserve to  have access to play couches, especially at an affordable rate. This is why we cover a portion of the delivery cost so that you do not have to pay it all yourselves.


Shipping within North America is free over $75 CAD. Please note that the US has a de minimis value of $800 USD, and orders over this value will be charged an importing fee. 

If you're ordering from outside of North America, please email us at, as shipping will vary by country. Before emailing us, please know that shipping costs start at €130 to Europe and the UK. 

Yes! All of our Joey-related orders will come with a tracking code, so you will be notified when it's on its way to you.

Yup! This is why it's important to keep track on the status of your delivery, so you're able to make accommodations in case it's left at your home.

Yes and no. While your package leaves together at our warehouse, packages are sorted differently by different processes by carriers, since their sizes are so different. That's why some people may receive their Joey or add ons and the rest of their order later. If you receive part of your order first, fear not! You have tracking codes for each package, so you can track them individually. 

If you ordered your items separately, they will be fulfilled separately.

How do you check the status of your packages? If you're with UPS, you will see a link that says "1 of X Piece Shipment." Clicking this link will refresh your page and show you the status of your whole order:

When you receive a tracking code, it will automatically take you to one package, not all of them. This is what we call your "master tracking code." From here, you can click a button / link to see the status of all your packages!

How do you check the status of your packages? If you're with UPS, you will see a link that says "1 of X Piece Shipment." Clicking this link will refresh your page and show you the status of your whole order:

Dealing with carriers / couriers / shipping companies (e.g., Fedex, UPS) when an item is lost, misdelivered, and/or damaged can be very frustrating for customers. This is why we introduced Roo & You shipping protection: by keeping it in your cart, we will take 100% of the responsibility for your package and ensure you either get a replacement or a full refund. 

By deselecting our shipping protection, title and risk of loss pass to you upon our transfer of the products to the carrier, and Roo & You will not be liable for lost or stolen packages. This means you'll be subject to a shipping company's maximum coverage. For example, if you lose a Joey ($320 CAD), a shipping company will only reimburse you $100 CAD whereas Roo & You shipping protection will cover 100% of the costs and only for a fraction of the cost! 

Please note, in the case of an item that's labeled "Delivered," we may ask for additional information or requests to ensure it is not a fraudulent claim. 

You can check what your product is before opening by examining the SKU (see below). If the SKU and/or product description do not match your order, please do not open it and let us know ASAP at Opening the package could delay you getting your product. 

Certain products also have the product description on the flaps:

  1. Take microsuede cover and/or waterproof cover off the Joey. Note: you do not need to take both covers off if one is clean!
  2. Machine wash in cold water.
  3. Hang Dry. Machine drying may shrink covers, so do so at your own risk!

We have tried A LOT and can recommend Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Remover. Check out all the things we’ve tried here in our VIP Group on Facebook!

Don’t worry! This is completely natural! Discolouration of foam is not harmful or toxic in any way!

Foam turns yellow mainly due to oxidation. Things like UV light, high temperatures, air pollutants, sweat, body oils, and more are all responsible for the oxidation process. 

While there’s no way to remove the yellow discolouration, there are ways to help slow the oxidation process.

  1. Use the water resistant liners. This helps avoid sweat and body oils and any other spills or mishaps from staining the foam.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight, even if the water resistant liners are still on. When washing the covers, try to keep the foam away from windows and direct sun.
  3. Try to keep the foam away from heat sources. This includes windows (sunlight through the glass creates heat), heating vents, fireplaces, etc. Heat will speed up the oxidation process! 

Bottom line, the yellow discolouration will not affect the use of your foam in any way, nor is it harmful or unsafe for your little ones to play on!

Foam Oxidation on Joey Triangle

While foam is a porous material and generally doesn’t soak up liquids like a sponge would, moisture can still seep down into the foam and cause mold and mildew. Mold can happen quickly and moisture can deteriorate your foam. It is hard to tell if molding has already started to happen, so we can’t guarantee your pieces are safe to keep using. 

However, there are a few methods you can try to dry the affected foam. 

  1. If it’s a small area and the spill was caught quickly, you can blot the area with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Then use a hair dryer on the high setting, 3-4 inches away from the foam. 
  2. Prop the affected piece up, allowing both sides to be exposed to air. Place a fan on either side and turn them on high. Air circulation can help speed up the drying process.
  3. If it’s warm outside, you can take the foam out into the sun. Make sure both affected sides are exposed to air circulation. *Note that bare foam exposed to direct sunlight can cause oxidation, a harmless, yellowing of the foam.*

It is better to over dry your foam than leave it damp with moisture inside. If you don’t think you can fully get the piece dry, please dispose of the foam!

After being vacuum sealed and compressed on its way to you, the foam can take a bit to fully expand. Jump, climb, roll, dance and play as much as you can to help to find its full potential! It can take a minimum of 2 weeks for the foam to fluff all the way up so be patient and have FUN!

Wrinkles are very normal since your Joey has been packed up and rolled super tight! Lots of play should take care of this! If you’re still seeing wrinkles after a few days, you can give your covers a quick wash (wash in cold and hang to dry) and any remaining wrinkles will wash out.

We always recommend washing the covers before use, but the excitement to play can be too strong! We get it!

If you do notice any dye transfer, please wash your covers in cold water wash with 1 cup of white vinegar added and no other items. Hang to dry. If you notice the transfer is still happening, please email us at

Warranties in foam products are pretty standard across every industry. Our warranty won't be anything new to those who have read warranties from other foam manufacturers. 

This is important for you to read so that you know what our warranty covers, which then ensures you're submitting a claim that will be accepted.

You can learn about our warranty by CLICKING HERE. There's lots of legal jargon, so take your time.

To submit a claim, all you have to do is email us at with the following information: 

  1. Order Number
  2. Which preorder you ordered from 
  3. Product (please include what colour and the exact piece, ie: thin base, thick base, etc)
  4. Proof of Purchase 
  5. Description of the Issue - please be detailed 
  6. Two to Three High-Quality Photos or One High-Resolution Video

When submitting your claim, please be as specific as possible with the issue, especially what piece it's on. You must reply to this message with all of the required information in order for your claim to be processed.


If your address has changed since you received your order please include your new address.

If you do not submit the above information, you will receive an automated response right away letting you know all of the required information needed to start a claim! You MUST respond to this email with all information in order to start your claim. 


Please note: we no longer require you to register your products for warranty. We wanted to make this as easy as possible for you!

This is to stop fraudulent or illegitimate claims. This has become standard practice to require, as people will (unfortunately) try to take advantage of expiring warranties or attempt to acquire more product. 2-3 pictures is great and including a video can be very helpful! We may ask for more pictures during a claim if necessary.

Unfortunately no. Warranties will always be under the original purchaser and only the original purchaser. 

Note: Those who purchased in our first two pre-orders (November and December 2020) that had product swaps facilitated by us are exempt from this, as this rule did not exist during that time period. Those who purchased without informing us are not eligible for warranty and only the original purchaser possesses the warranty.

All of our foam items must be unboxed within 48 hours from the time of delivery. This is to check for any manufacturing defects! If you see anything concerning, please email us right away at Any manufacturing defect claims submitted after 48 hours of the time of delivery will be void. Any foam products kept in its box past 14 days will have their warranty completely void. 

Please don’t open the product! Opening the product can create significant delays in receiving your correct product. You can easily review what the product is by looking at the SKU or the large, bolded font on top / bottom of the package. 

If you've received the incorrect product, please email us at and we will help get things sorted out!

Wash before initial use and after subsequent use. 

Rinse with hot, soapy water. Dishwasher safe (top rack only).

Laver avant la première utilization et après chaque utilization. 

Rincer avec de l’eau chaude savonneuse. Résistant au lave-vaisselle (panier supérieur seulement). 

Soak in hot soapy water or put in dishwasher (top rack only).

Silicone orders are fulfilled within 1-3 days of purchase.

New product drops/restocks may take up to 5 days to fulfill.


Shipping within North America is free over $75 CAD. Please note that the US has a de minimis value of $800 USD, and orders over this value will be charged an importing fee. 

If you're ordering from outside of North America, please email us at, as shipping will vary by country. 

Yes! This is why it's important to keep track on the status of your delivery, so you're able to make accommodations in case it's left at your home.

Please don’t open the product! Opening the product can create significant delays in receiving your correct product. 

If you've received the incorrect product, please email us at and we will help get things sorted out!

For sanitary reason, returns are not available for silicone products unless they are defective. This means all silicone items are FINAL SALE unless defective.

If you have any problems with your purchase, please email us at, and we will try our best to resolve the situation as quickly as we can.

When you sign up for our rewards program, it’s as easy as purchasing to start accumulating points! You can earn points by signing up, letting us know when your birthday is, sharing on Facebook, leaving reviews and earn 2 points for every $1 spent!

It’s so easy! Go here, enter your name, email and create a password and you’re all set! Get 100 points just for signing up!

Nope! Once you earn them, they are yours until you decide to redeem them!

Login to your account here: and you’ll be able to see all your rewards!

If you cancel an order or item, you will lose the rewards that you had earned for that purchase.

We’ve made it so easy! Make sure you’re logged into your account and click REDEEM NOW. Pick the reward you’d like to redeem, copy and paste your code in checkout and you’re done!

No, only one code will be able to be used per transaction. If the items you are purchasing are already discounted, the rewards cannot be combined with a discount as well.Ie - If you are ordering a Theatre Set which is already discounted, rewards codes cannot be applied.

If you entered the wrong birthday, no worries! Send us an email at and we can have it adjusted. We can only change it once, so please make sure it’s correct!

Your anniversary is the day you joined our rewards program! We love to celebrate you, so you’ll get 500 points on our anniversary together!

Yes. Once you’ve had your order for a bit, we will send over an email asking what you think! Only verified reviews will be eligible for rewards (if you didn’t buy it, we can’t give you rewards for a review!). When your review is checked and verified, you’ll see your points added!