About the Adventurer Play Couch Cover Set

Why did we choose Taslan fabric?

  1. Waterproof: 100% waterproof, Taslan hates water like your kids hate broccoli. 
  2. Stain Resistant: Repels oil and other stain-causing substances, making your covers easy to clean. 
  3. Moisture Wicking: Materials like Vinyl can make your kids sweaty and sticky. Taslan is quick drying and also keeps you and your kids cool! 

*While the Taslan fabric is waterproof, because of the zipper configuration, the civer isn't completely waterproof but water resistant. 

**Our waterproof covers offer additional protection for your foam and are highly recommended for your play couch.  

Dimensions: 67" x 33.5" x 22.5"

**If this cover is purchased for another play couch, we are not responsible if it does not fit or if any damage is caused to the cover. As such, we cannot issue refunds.