About The Joey² Fabrics

Microsuede? Joey+? Adventurer? How do you pick? Find out more below on which cover is best for you! 

Note: all covers are machine washable! Only the microsuede comes with our protector covers.

Single-Brushed Microsuede Cover - The OG cover, our single-brushed microsuede is our original because it's ...

  • Stain-resistant and machine-washable
  • Shrink-resistant
  • Pet-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Feels soft against the skin aka silky smooth aka 🥰

You might be asking yourself, "Uh, what's brushed suede?!" "Brushing" is a manufacturing process that makes suede extra, extra soft. 

Joey+ - Our Joey+ covers are a textured 100% polyester fabric that marry the toughness to handle littles while having the aesthetics for grownups! Why are these covers every parent's favourite?

  • Textured Polyester: the perfect fabric to handle the everyday rigors of your little while providing the look and feel all us grownups are used to! 
  • YKK Zippers: top-of-the-line zippers that zip like butta. 🧈
  • PU-Backing*: A thin layer of polyurethane sewn into the back to provide support against spills and messes. 

*Protector covers (which can be purchased here) aren't necessary but provide an extra layer of defense!

Adventurer - Our Adventurer covers are 100% waterproof Taslan fabric. Why Taslan?

  • Waterproof: 100% waterproof, Taslan hates water like your kids hate broccoli. 
  • Stain Resistant: Repels oil and other stain-causing substances, making your covers easy to clean. 
  • Moisture Wicking: Materials like Vinyl can make your kids sweaty and sticky. Taslan is quick drying and also keeps you and your kids cool! 

*This cover set is not waterproof. While the fabric itself is waterproof, "waterproof covers" require special sewing and zippers to prevent water leaks. This cover set is water resistant, not waterproof. 

**Our protector covers offer additional protection for your foam and are highly recommended for your play couch.