Introducing The Pouch: a standalone, modular ball pit that is part ball pit, part furniture, and 100% fun. Now you don't have to choose between having a ball pit, ottoman, chair, and more!

Every Pouch comes with a sleek slip cover that lets you transform your ball pit into an ottoman / table. Need to hide your play couch*? Simply tuck in your play couch's cushions into the Pouch and voila! Play couch hidden! 

*The Pouch has only been tested with the Joey and Nugget. 

The Pouch is made up of 7 separate pieces:

  • The Base - Two (2) connected pieces of foam with a density of 1.8lb/ft3 and Indentation Load Deflection (ILD - which is a fancy way of measuring firmness) of ~45 for a sturdy, but comfortable base.
  • Foam Mat - One (1) thinner piece of foam with a density of 1.5lb/ft3 and ILD of ~35 used to function as the bottom of your ball pit. This can also double as a mat for your baby's tummy time!
  • 1 x Slip Cover - One (1) slip cover that can turn your ball pit into a modern, chic ottoman or table to hide your play couch or balls. 
  • Single-Brushed Microsuede Cover - All of our Pouches come with a single-brushed microsuede cover for silky softness, strain resistance, shrink resistance, pet friendliness, and more! The perfect cover for your play couch! 
  • Waterproof Cover (Not Pictured) - We all know kids spill things, so all Pouches are lined with our waterproof covers, which are easy to wipe down and protect your foam.