Dream. Build. Play.

Introducing The Lava Set: a four-piece pillow set that will protect your littles from the inevitable volcanic explosions! With our Lava set, you can expand on your Joey play couch and venture into new worlds never seen before!

The Lava Set is made up of four (4) separate pieces:

  • 2 x Stepping Stones: 3" thick , foam stepping stones made with a density of 1.5lb/ft3 and ILD of ~35 to handle all the jumps, kicks, and stomps from your littles.
  • 2 x Logs: long, broad, and sturdy, our Logs are built to handle everything from balancing acts to crossing bridges. Built with foam with a density of 1.8lb/ft3 and ILD of ~45, it'll stand up to the most elaborate builds.
  • Single-Brushed Microsuede Cover - All of our Joey pieces come with a single-brushed microsuede cover for silky softness, strain resistance, shrink resistance, pet friendliness, and more! The perfect cover for your add-ons! 
  • Waterproof Cover (Not Pictured) - We all know kids spill things, so all Joeys pieces are lined with our waterproof covers, which are easy to wipe down and protect your foam.