The Joey Cancellation List

You might be asking yourself, "what is The Joey cancellation list?"

Every once in a while, we have a few cancelled orders because things happen, you know? Usually we save these couches to donate to charities, do giveaways, or keep for a rainy day. 

Our wonderful fanbase asked if we would be willing to sell these, so here we are! 

How does the cancellation list work?

First, you join our list below! Type in your name and email address, and we'll automatically add you to our cancellation list.

Next, we're going to add everyone to a randomizer called and have it put names in a random order. Whoever's name is at the top first will get first pick of the couches we have available. From there, we go to the next name, then the next name until we have no more cancellations left. It'll look a lot like below. 

In this, I (Rozin) would get to pick a couch first then Finn then Helen, etc. 

This process takes some time. Our very first go at this took four days as people have lives and need an opportunity to respond to our email. 

Can I enter for someone else or use a lot of emails?

No. We want to make this a fair and equal process, so we prefer that everyone enter with their email and only do so once. 

How long is this list open for?

This list is open indefinitely. We will announce in our Facebook VIP group (click here) and on this page when we will do the next draw. 

How can I add my name to the cancellation list?

You can join our wait list just by adding your name and email below! We will be drawing the next group of names on February 14th, 2021. 

What happens if my name is picked but the colour I want is gone?

No problem! We'll just keep moving down the list until we've sold all the cancellations. 

What's currently available for purchase?

Our cancellation rate is quite low (< 3%), so our quantities are unfortunately quite low. For the next draw, we have less than 40 total pieces available in the following colours.

For Joeys: navy, black, sage, mustard, grey, light blue, and light pink. 

For Rockers: navy and black

For Lava Sets: navy, black, sage, mustard, grey, light blue, and light pink.