Blippi x Roo & You Motion Style Guide

The Blippi Motion print is low key a fashion print, a mix of fun and chic. Its bright white color brightens up any room, giving off a fresh and elegant vibe. Our resident design experts, Helen (CEO) and Kiana (Designer), put together a style guide to maximize its chicness by pairing it with orange, black, and grey! 

Blippi Motion Print Color Combos

  1. ☀️Orange: Orange is like a bold splash of sunshine on a snowfield. Orange bursts onto the scene, while white cools it down (we really love metaphors). tl;dr: orange with the Blippi Motion print makes for warm and cool pairing. 

  2. 🎩Black: Black on white is a classic, like a tuxedo. It's a timeless duo, full of contrast and balance that never goes out of style.

  3. ☁️Grey: Grey with white is like morning fog over a serene landscape. It's a soft, harmonious blend that brings a modern, chic vibe to the table.

So, whether it's the vibrant orange, the classic black, or the chic grey, each brings a unique flair when paired with white. Below you can find some color combinations to get you started:

Blippi Motion In Action

Color combos are all fun and dandy, but what about it in action? Check out the Blippi Motion print in a hockey-themed space:

Blippi Sitting on Joey Play Couch

Blippi making a car with a play couch

Blippi driving his car made from his play couch

Blippi playing in his play couch fort


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