Roo & You x Blippi Style Space Guide

We know what you're thinking: these Blippi prints are only destined for playrooms because, well, it's Blippi! Au contraire, my friend! Our resident design geniuses, Helen (CEO) and Kiana (Designer), made the Blippi prints chic and modern so that it can be placed in any room. Bonus? They have the perfect color pairings! 

Blippi Space Print

Mustard, orange, black, and baby blue, oh my! While the Blippi space print may seem destined just for a playroom, the versatile print pairs well with multiple colors to make it a perfect, year-round play couch cover.

  1. 💫Mustard: Mustard is like shooting stars lighting up the night sky. Mustard's warm hue brings a bold contrast to the navy, creating a cosmic ambiance.

  2. 🌌Orange: Pair orange, and it's like a brilliant supernova! This duo adds a stunning contrast, creating sunset vibes. 

  3. ‍🚀Black: Black is like the mysterious depths of space, providing depth to your room. It deepens your area, making the space print subtle and elegant. 

  4. Baby Blue: Baby blue is the gentle glow of a distant galaxy against the navy. It adds a soft touch and gentle contrast, creating a serene play area.

From shooting stars to radiant supernovas, these color combos take a space odyssey and turn it into a lesson in fashion and style! 💅 Need a place to start? Here are some color combos to get your brain spinnin'! 

Blippi Space Print In A Space

Nothing beats some visual inspiration, especially when you want to decorate your space. Thankfully the design gurus snagged the Blippi space print in some pretty neat spaces. 


Blippi Sleeping on Space Joey Play Couch



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