Roo & You x CoComelon Little Builder Style Guide

Our Little Builder prints feature subtle but sneaky sophistication of color into the home with soft neutrals. But what to pair it with? Never fear! Our CEO and product guru, Helen, and designer superstar, Kiana, have all the tips for your below! 👇

CoComelon Little Builder Pink

The CoComelon x Roo & You Little Builder pink is unassuming, but can be elegant, tropical, and cozy all at once! Just pair it with teals, soft neutrals (like our pampas), or navy.
  1. 🌴 Teal: Teal and pink? Think tropical sunset! Teal's cool vibe mellows out pink's sweetness, making them a beachy dream team.

  2. 💐LavenderLavender with pink is like a spring bouquet: dreamy, soft, and oh-so-pretty. It's a blend that brings harmony to a room.
  3. ☕️🧸Pampas: Pairing pampas, a soft, neutral tan, with pink is like a cozy blanket with a sweet treat. It's a calming, chic mix that's always in style.

  4. ✨Navy: Navy gives pink a boost of elegance. It's like a ballerina in a sophisticated city - striking, yet perfectly in balance. 

So, whether it's the cool contrast of teal, the dreaminess of lavender, the neutral chicness of pampas, or the sophisticated flair of navy, each adds its own sparkle to playful pink! Happy color pairing! Here are some combos to get you rollin'.
P.S. Pairing the pink and blue CoComelon Little Builder patterns makes for a soft, playful look. 🤭

CoComelon Little Builder Blue

Light, soft, cuddly and elegant, our CoComelon x Roo & You Little Builder blue can turn any room into a modern, chic space or a warm, fuzzy cuddle cove. Just pair it with teal, coral, pampas, and/or navy depending on your mood!
  1. 🌊Teal: This pair is like an ocean adventure! Teal adds depth to light blue's airy vibe, creating a refreshing, breezy combo.

  2. 🌴Coral: Mix coral with light blue and voila, it's a tropical punch! This pairing is like a joyous beach party, bursting with warmth and coolness at the same time.

  3. 🏜️Pampas: Pampas with light blue is like a serene desert under a clear sky. The soft, neutral pampas grounds light blue's airy feel, giving us a calming, stylish balance.

  4. 🌌Navy and Light Blue: Navy with light blue is like night sky meets day. The bold navy brings out the tranquil elegance of light blue, creating a sleek and soothing blend.

Whether it's the refreshing teal, the joyful coral, the serene pampas, or the elegant navy, each brings a unique twist when paired with light blue. Check out the color combos below to get you started!
Small reminder: pairing the pink and blue CoComelon Little Builder patterns makes for a soft, playful look. 🤭

Little Builders in Real Life

With great prints comes great responsibility ... with that responsibility being in the form of making sure we give great inspiration! We snagged some super cute pics in different spaces to help inspire you with your Little Builders prints.

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