Roo & You x CoComelon Cody-O-Saurus Style Guide

Our Cody-O-Saurus print is dino-mite with a black base and vibrant colors, but it's sneakily sophisticated and elegant when paired with the right colors. Don't let the print fool you into thinking it's only destined for a kid's room. Thanks to our resident design experts, Helen (CEO) and Kiana (Designer), they gathered the perfect color combos to elevate the Cody-O-Saurus print. 

Cody-O-Saurus Print

Pairing pink, lavender, and mint with black fabric can add depth, contrast, and an "Ooo la la" to any room. 

  1. 🍓Light Pink: Like strawberries in a chocolate fountain, pink pops against black! It's a versatile pair, adding softness to the room. 

  2. 🪄Lavender: This combo's like a midnight garden party. The dreamy lavender pops against the black, giving us a mix of sophistication and fairy-tale magic.

  3. Light Blue: Light blue with black is like a calming daybreak on a moonless night. The tranquility of blue softens black's intensity, bringing a peaceful elegance to the mix.
  4. 🌬️Mint: Mint on black is like a fresh breeze in a city at night. The deep black makes mint look extra crisp, adding a modern and energetic twist to any look.

And there you go! Black fabric is like a magic backdrop, making pastel shades like pink, lavender, light blue, and mint shine even brighter. Just like a perfect party, it's all about balance and contrast. Enjoy mixing and matching! Need a place to start? Check out the color combos below!

Cody-O-Saurus in the Wild

So what could the Cody-O-Saurus print look like in a real, deal living space? Check the lifestyle pics below for inspiration! 

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