Roo & You's Community Guidelines

Hello, Roopers!

One of the best part of being a community-driven business is that there's a bunch of awesome, passionate folks bringing creativity and energy to our little corners of the internet. Sometimes the internet can be a tough place, and in an effort to create a fun, safe, healthy space for current and future Roopers, we need to enforce guidelines that we have created, which you can find below! Have questions around any of it? Shoot us an email at!

As a little heads up: we reserve the right to edit, hide, or delete any post or comment that violates the below guidelines. If a user continues to violate our guidelines, they may be blocked temporarily or permanently remove from our communities. At any point, we also reserve the right to block these users from purchasing from our website.

Now onto the guidelines!

  1. We do not tolerate misinformation (blatant or misleading) and all such content found will be removed without notification.
  2. All forms of hate speech and/or discrimination are forbidden, including, but not limited, racism, homophobia, transphobia, personal insults, ableism, neuro-discrimination, sexism, and any and all other forms of hate speech. tl;dr: just be nice! 
  3. No sea-lioning, bad faith, gish galloping, meanness, provocation, intentional mischief, etc. 
  4. Intentional, defamatory information about our products, staff, and company will not be tolerated, as this is disrespectful to our teams.
  5. No advertising commercial or private goods and services.
  6. No doxxing aka don't violate the personal privacy by sharing their personal information such as email addresses, phone number, physical address, and more. 

What communities are subject to these guidelines? Our website, Facebook group, Facebook, Instagram, and emails! 

Our community guidelines are a work-in-progress document that we reserve the right to change or update as needed without notification.

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