About the Joey Play Couch Protector Cover Set

Please note that covers for our add-on pieces (like the Rocker or Wedges) are not included in this cover set.

Kids spill things, and that’s a fact of life, so we made these water resistant, zippable covers to put underneath your favourite play couch to protect your foam from everything from liquid spills all the way to dust mites! Kind of like a mattress cover, our Protector covers are made out of a waterproof, polyurethane-laminated polyester knit fabric. That's a mouth full, I know!

So, if the fabric is waterproof, isn't the whole cover? Surprisingly, no! Waterproof covers require special sewing and zippers to prevent water leaks.

Our Protector covers also fit other standard play couches as well.

If you own a Joey, you might be wondering why you would need extra Protectors if our play couch already comes with it. Good question! It's good to have extras in case of a spill, stain, rip, or tear. While our Protectors are tough, not much can stop a little one with a pair of scissors. 

Dimensions: 66" x 33" x 22.5"

*Made with 100% polyester and 100% polyurethane backing*

*This cover set is not waterproof. Waterproof covers require special sewing and zippers to prevent water leaks. While this cover is water resistant, it is not waterproof. Please be wary of other covers proclaiming the same. 

**If this cover is purchased for another play couch, we are not responsible if it does not fit and cannot issue a refund.